College Football

The NFL and the College Football conferences across America have become staples in all of our culture and by far is the most lucrative sport there has ever been in the United States. By far football generates the most ticket sales than any other sport, and by far people buy more football jerseys than any other type of jersey in the United States. In Europe and other places in the world this wouldn’t be the case, but here in the good old US of A football is king, and so are the jerseys.

You would think that young boys and men primarily buy football jerseys, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact more and more women are buying football jerseys and they’re actually pulling it off way better than men do. When men wear a football jersey it sometimes looks pretty lame, but when women have a football jersey on and it’s a little tight and the sleeves might be rolled up a little bit it actually can be really attractive.

So yes, women love football just as much as men love football, if not even more, in some strange cases. And although there might be a lot of standing around in spandex during a football game, women seem to stay entertained all the time and it’s a great thing for guys who want to drag their girlfriends to games with them.

Everyone who has watched football has heard some ladies yell out HIT HIM repeatedly throughout a game, and I’ve always found that kind of funny, but back to the jerseys. So women are definitely wearing football jerseys all the time, at least on the weekends, but which football jerseys do women like? Which football players in particular do women like the most? This might put into account the most attractive football players but let’s check out who women are wearing.

It’s not too surprising that Aaron Rodgers is the most popular selling jersey among ladies in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and it’s pretty obvious that Tom Brady’s jersey is wildly popular amongst women who live in the states of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and surprisingly Wyoming out of nowhere. Drew Brees is also popular in a few typical states like Louisiana and Mississippi, but he’s also really popular in Vermont, which is really strange.

But the one player who sells the most women jerseys all across the United States is surprisingly Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts. Now, this information is from 2014 when Andrew Luck was wildly popular among everyone. Now that he has slumped off in 2015 this number might be different, but none the less the ladies love Luck and there’s got to be something to his game, or lack of marriage partner, that has the ladies loving having his name on their backs. It’s a cool word of course, but who knows exactly why Andrew Luck sells the most ladies jersey, it’s just the luck of the draw I guess, hypothetically speaking of course.

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