NFL Super Bowl

Football jerseys have always been a really fun and goofy part of American fashion throughout the 20th and now 21st centuries while the game has blown up into the biggest sport in the country. Now with the Super Bowl and the emergence of the NFL, it’s safe to say that a football jersey might actually be the most popular fashion item in all of the country. Just about everyone owns a football jersey, at least more people than those who own baseball jerseys, and it’s just a cool thought that these jerseys are really special to a lot of people, especially little kids, and can sometimes even make a difference in people’s lives.

I’d like to share a story from my childhood that involves a football jersey that was really special to me at the time, and it’s just a funny story about a football jerseys in general.

When I was really young I was a huge Denver Broncos fan, and I just loved John Elway and Terrell Davis and the 1998 Broncos as they marched their way to their second Super Bowl Championship in a row. I was all about the Denver Broncos and all I wanted for Christmas in 1998 was a Terrell Davis jersey. I told my parents that and they went around frantically trying to find a Broncos jersey in North Carolina where we lived. Of course this was a lot harder than they thought and it was before Amazon and all the internet merchandise businesses, so this was kind of difficult to figure out for them. What they did was get their friends in Denver to help them out and mail us a Terrell Davis jersey in the mail, but it didn’t come in time for Christmas morning.

Instead I got a letter from Santa Claus that explained that there was a back order in his gift shop and that I had to wait just a little longer, but he didn’t forget about me and my wish to have a jersey. I was just a little kid and still believed in Santa, and to me this was a magical moment. A couple days later the jersey arrived and I wore it every day for a week and almost a month after the Broncos won the Super Bowl.

Football jerseys are sometimes more than just a jersey for people. Sometimes it’s people’s favorite thing to wear because it makes you feel different than any other type of clothing. You can be a football star when you’re wearing a football jersey and it can be really special to little kids who look up to some of these athletes as their heroes.

No matter what though, football jerseys are always going to be cool and never go out of style. As long as football is cool, which seems like it will be for forever, little kids will be running around pretending to be their favorite players for a long, long time, and it will be a good thing for a lot of kids all across America.



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