The Infamous Jerseys

Football is as American is apple pie, it’s the number one sport in all of the United States by far, and every Saturday and Sunday in the fall you know what the majority of people in the country are doing, and it’s revolving around the game. It’s crazy how much football has become a part of American culture, and there’s no denying the fact that it has become a staple within the confines of what Americans do. Some people even say that the NFL owns a day of the week, which just so happens to the be the day of the week that is supposed to be reserved for God in the Christian faith, Sunday, but regardless of faith or anything like that football is king when it comes to American sports, and there is one part of the football that has made a huge splash economically and fashionably on American culture: the football jersey.

You see them everywhere you go and they’re all in so many different shades and colors and they really are a full spectrum of colors. It’s been a part of the culture of football for decades for fans to wear the jerseys, and if you really think about what a football jersey entails it is a little bit comical. They are very different from other sports, especially the pants, which are typically made of tight spandex so that it’s harder to grab onto. They also are made very differently for the players than for the fans in that the players jerseys have huge shoulders so that their pads can fit snuggly. Of course you always have the cool numbers and names on the backs, but whenever a professional football player takes the field in his jersey he’s sure to create a lot of attention for himself, although the sexy cheerleaders might draw some of that attention away in their uniforms.

But nonetheless, the football jersey is a staple in American fashion and it always will be. Fans from everywhere all around the country wear their team’s jersey to support where they’re from and who they support and who their favorite players are. Sometimes there is a stigma of a good luck charm associated with jerseys for fans, and it can be a ritual to put on a jersey every game day for other fans just so they can be ready to go for the big game.

It doesn’t really matter who you support or where you’re from, or even if you like football, because football jerseys are awesome shirts, but the pants would be kind of weird if a regular fan wore them around town. But the shirts are super cool and they can mean a lot to people and be more important than anything else in a person’s closet. It’s the magic of the game that can be found through a fan’s jersey, and it’s just all gravy when the player scores a touchdown and you’re wearing their jersey at the game on Sunday afternoon.

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