Wildly Popular

Football jerseys have always been wildly popular across the United States, there’s no denying that, and when it comes to who has the best jersey, well I guess it all depends on who you support. Your team will generally decide who you think has the best jersey because that’s your favorite team and it’s either where you’re from, where you live, where you went to college, or any other factors as to why a team is your favorite.

But still, some teams jerseys are way cooler than other teams jerseys, and so right now we’re going to talk about which NFL teams have the best jerseys and why some NFL teams jerseys flat out suck. This study is conducted as objectively as possible with no favorites added in whatsoever.

The Miami Dolphins have a pretty cool color scheme with a light aqua marine color and a really cool helmet with a dolphin playing football on it. I think the color in general makes the Dolphins one of the top NFL jerseys.

The Baltimore Ravens have a really nice looking purple jersey with cool lettering and obviously a cool raven on their helmet. Purple is a pretty unique color for a football team so we have to give it up to them as the AFC North jersey champion.

In the AFC South the Tennessee Titans definitely bring home the best jersey with the sky blue and dark blue pants combo, which is really nice looking and goes well with khaki pants for a more formal occasion.

In the AFC West the Broncos have the coolest jersey with their bright orange colors and Peyton Manning written on the back, who has obviously been slumping but is still a legend.

The NFC East is rather difficult especially because no one wants to wear a Redskins jersey anymore because of the racism card liability, but I’d have to say the Giants have the best color. A nice royal blue can go with anything and wearing a New York jersey is accepted all across the country, except in Boston.

In the NFC North the champion for best jersey goes to the Green Bay Packers. It’s such a classic jersey, but that green on yellow just makes me think of stinky cheese, and who doesn’t love great cheese!

In the NFC South the champion for best jersey goes to the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers probably have the very best jersey in all of the NFL with black on teal combos really bringing out some contrasting colors that look super cool and better than anyone else in the league. Also wearing a Cam Newton jersey is by far the coolest jersey in the league.

In the NFC West the champion for best jersey goes to the Seattle Seahawks, but there’s a twist. The best Seattle jersey is from the 90s when they wore bright green kind of like the old school Eagles jerseys, but who cares all these jerseys are cool as long as they’re your team and you’re rocking hard with a beer belly and a footlong hotdog at the game. GO FOOTBALL!


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